Two More Deported Sex Offenders Caught: How Many More Will it Take?

It seems we could do this all day long, every day of the week, another attempted crossing, another illegal caught, another previously deported criminal being sent back. As this latest story reports and reminds us, until we do something serious and concrete – like build a wall – this problem won’t go away.

Does this story sound familiar? Another person or several, who have a criminal record (and not criminal as in jaywalking), and who have been previously deported before being caught – again? If it does that is because it is a story we have all heard too many times. Before we discuss the real problem, however, these are the details of this latest reoccurrence of dangerous illegals being caught once more in the U.S.

According to the story, two men were caught at separate locations in the United States, both of whom have a sexual criminal history, one that involves minors. The report stated that “on December 10, at approximately 11 p.m., agents apprehended 42-year-old Juan Olarte-Cruz after he illegally entered the United States south of Sells. Records checks revealed Olarte-Cruz was convicted of second-degree rape of a minor by Nassau County, New York, in 2008. He was sentenced to three years in prison before being deported to Mexico in 2010.”

Yeah, let’s invite that fella over for tea and a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-child-rapist sometime! His counterpart doesn’t fare much better though, as our story continues.

The other man, also a Mexican national, was discovered a day later. As our story reported, “On December 11, around noon, agents apprehended 35-year-old Alejandro Chavelo-Miranda after he illegally crossed the border through the desert near Arivaca. Records checks revealed Chavelo-Miranda was convicted of sexual assault by Marion County, Oregon, in 2017. He was sentenced to 14 months in jail before being deported to Mexico in 2018.”

The problem here though isn’t that there is an unprotected gateway into the United States that unsavory people like these two characters can just pass through… no, wait – that is part of the problem. It is a problem that honestly has a simple solution too! Instead, agenda-driven, Trump-hating, and free borders fanatics continue to do enough to delay the solution. Meanwhile, another sexual assault, abuse of a minor, worse?

It is also a problem that this happens with such frequency, that this fact alone doesn’t propel a four-alarm fire of get-it-done action is shocking. The other problem with this being such a common refrain is that it makes us numb to the facts the more we hear it. The shock factor becomes more dull with repetition. That is just human nature. Sure, we are still dismayed by the fact that these crimes happened. Yes, we are offended that these crimes are not only sexual in nature but also involve minors. Hell yes, we are angry that criminals like these can literally just “walk” back into the country to commit more crimes!

Then we remember the sad and sick familiarity of this story, like the one before it, and then we move on! These aren’t isolated cases, and if these aren’t the types of thousands of cases that happen every year that are a reason to build a wall, then we don’t have a reason to build the wall. It is that simple.

There is, of course, the issue of the price tag on such an undertaking, a cost the President hasn’t tried to disguise. His reasoning, however, can be summed up by the events that have just recently happened. The justification can be found in the types of crimes these men have committed, to innocent Americans. While one percent of the population can worry about the message that a move like this sends to the World or our Mexican neighbors, the President is worried about keeping the country safe.

How many crimes are committed by illegals that go unsolved? How many more criminals need to be caught again before Congress gets behind the President on this? How many innocent people need to be hurt and how does the government look its citizens in the face and justify these crimes when a big part of the solution is being argued, fought against, and ignored?

These were two more reasons we can add to the list and unfortunately, it looks like it might take a few more.