Disgusting: U.S. Sailors in Bahrain Caught Pimping Out Hostage Thai Women

A shocking report came out concerning some U.S. Sailors stationed in Bahrain. The sailors, in their efforts to earn a little extra spending money, figured out how to accomplish this from the very comfort of their tax-payer rented apartments.

Their chosen method created one of the largest sex-scandals of the decade. Seeing no harm with their actions, the sailors developed a prostitution ring with Thai women, converting their apartments into houses of ill-repute. Boys will be boys.

After deep investigations by agents from the Navy Criminal Investigative Services, widespread abuse was discovered. The agents also uncovered hordes of emails and other types of communication from the sailors turned pimps.

Here is the disturbing part. A great many of the text conversations were with a shadowy figure known only as “Madam.” This madam was a well-known figure in the dark world of prostitution rings. She assured the sailors of how she could continually import new victims for them so their customers would not get tired of the same old women all of the time. Variety is the spice of life and she aimed to please.

Though it is of itself a violation to rent out additional space in a tax-payer funded apartment, this is what the sailors all claimed to have been doing. In reality, they were housing the prostitutes and running their business ventures from home.

The service members involved in the prostitution ring were not just low ranking individuals in need of extra cash, or not knowing any better. One of the guilty parties was a Chief Operations Specialist, and a former SEAL. These sailors had some rank.

The Thai women were by no means typical prostitutes living out their chosen professions. The sailors were charged with holding their trafficked sex slaves as hostages. They had confiscated the women’s passports before pimping them out to other sailors from the base.

In 2017, the U.S. Defense Department had labeled Bahrain as a Tier 2, meaning it did not meet the standards of what would be considered a high human trafficking area. In 2019, this all changed.

The Defense Department, after reviewing the report from 2017, and after investigating Bahrain’s current human trafficking situation, have relabeled the country as a Tier 1, moving Bahrain into the category of one of the vilest offenders.

To think that any member of America’s fighting forces, would willingly involve themselves in such a hideous crime which violates every form of human dignity, is a difficult pill to swallow. This goes directly against the grain of the morality and fair treatment of others that we. as a nation, stand firmly upon.

It goes deeper though. Of course, it only stands to reason how the human trafficking pimping sailors received their just rewards. But they were not the only Americans stationed in Bahrain who are guilty. Not by a longshot.

Let’s for a moment consider the literally hundreds or more sex-starved sailors who solved their frustration problem by knocking on one of these apartment doors. The ones who were more than willing to exploit human hostages for their own self-gratification.

These horny toads had no remorse whatsoever. They weren’t thinking with their minds when they crawled on top of these frightened imprisoned women. And nobody can tell anybody they were not all fully aware of the circumstances. How in the world could they not have been?

By placing their own greedy pleasures far above the plight of these women who had been lured out of their homeland for devious reasons with the false promise of a better life, makes every one of these condom wearing sailors equally as guilty.

These guys had their fun and walked away whistling. They never reported anything to anyone. To do so would have meant the girls wouldn’t be around to service their needs next time. After all. Men have needs.

But the “Johns” were never arrested. They may have incurable venereal diseases, but at least they’re still free to spread it to other unknowing partners. So then there’s that…

Because of the huge increase around the world in human trafficking, Bahrain being escalated to a Tier 1 will certainly help in the fight against human trafficking. And it will most certainly prevent another occurrence of this type from ever taking place on the U.S. Naval installation located there again.