Ukrainian-Born Congresswoman Is Fed Up With the Biden Administration

Michael F. Hiatt/

Ukrainian-born congresswoman and farmer Victoria Spartz has no love lost for President Biden. As an Indiana Republican, the woman does not need to have any reason to love or even like Biden. With the conflict in her native Ukraine on going, she has been experiencing many emotions about the situation, but she has more skin in the game than many others. 

Her reasons to be fed up are more thorough and reasonable than a lot of people want to give her credit for. So when she showed up on Fox News Unfiltered this past Saturday night, it made a lot of sense and got a lot of people talking. She sees things for what they are, and she expects more out of this administration. When asked about her perspective she didn’t hold back one bit.

The current administration, they have complete lack of strategy, lack of speed and lack of skill, whether dealing with [a] domestic issue or foreign issues, because we’ve been talking about this invasion for a while. We didn’t deal with what’s already been happening with our economy with inflation and start adding more and more regulations on businesses and started creating more problems. We already had supply issues driven by the pandemic and everything else. So, I think this is very unwise what we’re doing and will hurt the American consumer, and this will hurt a lot of people.”

This lack of strategy, speed, and skill from this administration are one of the most glaring concerns coming out of Washington. Since taking office President Biden seems to need a nap and someone to break it down for him to elementary levels before he even begins to talk about the situation. His inept ability to think on his feet and to do things to keep the peace for the American people is nothing less than criminal.

As Spartz stated, we have not done anything to deal with our economy. So far, the American people are suffering under this inflation, and the response has just been to print more money, to the tune of $8,000,000,000 and the American people saw a small taste of it. Meanwhile, Congress voted to give themselves a 21% raise as millions of Americans are struggling to fill their tanks or pay their bills. The regulations on businesses she mentions effectively crushed small businesses, gave Amazon a huge leg up as they were considered an essential service, and stripped away the step-up many had been working towards.

The supply issues she spoke of are in large part the result of America losing its self-sufficiency. Our consistent closing of American factories and reliance on other nations to produce goods we can make here in the US has been devastating. While these goods would indeed cost more, the result of not being able to be self-sufficient places our economy in the hands of other nations. As the COVID pandemic has shown us, these less advanced countries that are willing to produce things for pennies on the dollar are more susceptible to pandemics and other outside influences. One kink in that chain throws everything off-kilter.

Unfortunately, her final warning about the unwise decisions being made hurting the American consumer has been happening for some time now. The American people have been suffering from inflation for years, and it has only gotten worse as of late. Gas is at its highest price per gallon level ever. When inflation is considered, we have come 50 cents or so shy of the highest ever price. The idea of looking at inflation before complaining about the price is a leftist deflection tactic that never works like they think it will. As a nation we need change, and we need it now. We need to become great once again, and President Biden is determined to remain in the same status quo, and he hates the idea of anything becoming great.