Ummm, Since When is Ben Shapiro a Black Conservative?


Ben Shapiro may be one of the most outspoken conservatives in the U.S. He has been known to sling comebacks like no one’s business – and he’s quite the fast talker, so you have to make sure that you listen intently to what he has to say.

If you’ve ever tuned into the Ben Shapiro show, you’ll quickly find out that he’s opinionated. Oh, and he’s Jewish. And a staunch Republican.

There’s one thing that he’s not, though, and that’s Black.

News outlets these days aren’t so great when it comes to fact-checking, and Newsmax fails in an epic way. Especially when they use Ben Shapiro’s photo in a lineup of Black conservatives. One would think that the photo alone would clear up the fact that Shapiro is not who they say that he is.

And everyone who saw the Newsmax segment was just as confused as you are now.

The segment was all about the left talking about black conservatives being traitors. Essentially, the left believes that every black person should be a Democrat. Those who aren’t – you know, those who believe in democracy and capitalism, are traitors to the country and to their people.

They showed a lineup of four men who are supposed to be black conservatives. It was an epic fail.

Sheriff David Clarke is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He identifies himself as a Democrat, though he did join a pro-Trump super PAC for a while. However, if Newsmax had bothered to do their research, they’d also know that Clarke left the PAC in 2019.

Ben Carson was a long-time Democrat while he was still a practicing neurosurgeon. He identified himself as an independent from 1999 to 2014. It’s only been in the past eight years that he crossed over to be a Republican. After a failed run as president, he did serve as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Herman Cain was actually a Tea Party movement activist within the Republican Party. Oh, and he died in 2020.

Finally, Ben Shapiro rounded off the fourth person to be listed as a “black conservative.” Shapiro is an American commentator who is pale-skinned and Jewish from Burbank, California.

Whatever point Newsmax was trying to prove, they failed epically. Clearly, they don’t have a firm grasp on what a black conservative even looks like, which means that people stopped listening after that.

The tweets that followed the segment were solid gold. One tweeted “So, they could only come up with two living black conservatives?” The person makes a good point – there are actually quite a few loud and outspoken black conservatives who are happy to be a part of the GOP. Herschel Walker is a prime example, and we’re happy to see that he’s doing so well during his run in Georgia.

Another tweet said, “Ben Shapiro identifies as Black now?” This is simply amusing because Shapiro has mused on multiple occasions how easy it is for people to simply “identify” in one way or another and get away with it.

The Democrats will get mad at anything and everything – and they fail to prove the points that they try to make. It might be time for them to give up entirely. And as for Newsmax’s failure to research their points, they should be taken off the air ASAP.