Barack Obama Caught on Tape Defending Filibuster

Barack Obama Caught on Tape Defending Filibuster

( – Now that there’s no GOP majority in the Senate, the Democrats are trying to scrap the filibuster. President Biden is wavering, but abolitionists have powerful support from former President Barack Obama, who’s called the procedure racist – “a Jim Crow relic” that needs to be scrapped.

Obama might have to eat those bold words, though, because, on March 25, Fox News unearthed a video clip showing then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) speaking on the Senate floor in 2005 – and vigorously defending the filibuster. Back then, Obama said the American people don’t expect one party “to change the rules in the middle of the game” so they can railroad legislation through the Senate. He claimed that ending the filibuster would make the chamber atmosphere, which he described as partisan, nasty and petty, even worse.

So what’s changed? Well, now the Republicans don’t have a Senate majority, and they want the filibuster as a tool to stop the Democrats from simply ramming their whole legislative slate through. In 2005 it was the Democrats who didn’t have a Senate majority and wanted the filibuster as a tool… Obama isn’t speaking from any high moral principles here, and he’s just using claims of racism as a cover for the fact he’ll change his tune to suit whatever’s best for the Democrats – not whatever’s best for America.

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