Donald Trump Exposes Mark Zuckerberg With Shocking Allegations

Donald Trump Exposes Mark Zuckerberg With Shocking Allegations

( – During the 2020 presidential race, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan donated $350 million to help localities carry out their elections. The donation was controversial from the beginning because Conservatives believed the social media king was trying to influence the election. Former President Donald Trump said as much at a recent event.

On June 5, Trump spoke at the North Carolina Republican Convention and he brought up the FB founder. He asked the crowd if they believed Zuckerberg and his wife broke the law by donating “millions of dollars to get out the vote in highly Democratic areas.” The former president said he believes the 2020 election is going to go down in history as the “crime of the century.”

The Zuckerbergs’ donations were distributed through the Center for Tech and Civic Life. More than 2,500 local governments received some of the money. According to Newsmax, it’s not clear how much each jurisdiction received.

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