Election Officials Accused of Taking Hard Drives Off-Site

Election Officials Accused of Taking Hard Drives Off-Site

(UnitedVoice.com) – Arizona’s Republican senators pushed to have an independent election audit in the largest county in the state and won. Currently, a team is combing through the ballots in Maricopa County, looking for irregularities. While that’s going on, a high-ranking Republican is making a troubling accusation.

On May 5, Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward accused Scott Jarrett, the director of Election Day and Emergency Voting in Maricopa County, of removing external hard drives to an undisclosed location during the election. The hard drives were allegedly full of “nightly early voting totals” and the reported excuse for moving them was that they had been taken off-site to keep the data safe.

Ward didn’t provide any proof of her allegations, just a photo of the alleged hard drives. If it’s true that Jarrett was taking them off site, the auditors should be told why. They’re going to have to figure out if they were tampered with in some way or if the data was, indeed, safe.

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