Fox News Star Slams Barack Obama Over Misleading Claims

Fox News Star Slams Barack Obama Over Misleading Claims

( – Former President Barack Obama issued two statements in the wake of the Colorado and Georgia shootings that took the lives of a combined 18 people. Both statements pointed to racism and misogyny as a reason for the attacks, even though the police have not attributed the shootings to either of those issues.

His statements enraged Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. On his Tuesday, March 23 show, Carlson called Obama out for being a “racial arsonist.” He explained that the former president comes out of the woodwork during the country’s “most vulnerable moments” so he can “[sow] hate” and “deepen the wounds.” He wondered why the former president does that.

Obama only seems to pop up when something is wrong, never when things are going well. He doesn’t know what motivated the two shooters but still found a way to make it all about the Left’s favorite buzzwords: racism and misogyny. Maybe one day he will stop adding fuel to the flames and actually try to help the American people heal.

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