Global Sting Operation Catches Hundreds of Criminals

Global Sting Operation Catches Hundreds of Criminals

( – On Tuesday, June 8, the FBI announced the arrests of hundreds of people allegedly connected to organized crime across more than 100 countries. The arrests resulted from an international task force made up of Australian police, the FBI and European police officers.

According to a statement by the FBI, the task force was formed in 2018. It came together after US officials were able to pay a convicted drug trafficker to allow them to access a phone that he’d installed ANOM, an encrypted messaging app, on. From there, law enforcement was able to distribute more than 12,000 phones to over 300 criminal organizations. The sting led to 800 arrests across Australia, the Middle East, Asia, South America and Europe.

In addition to the arrests, law enforcement seized 30 tons of drugs, millions of dollars, luxury cars, and other goods. Special Agent Suzanne Turner, who heads up the San Diego FBI field office, called it “strategic, innovative, complex investigative work” that will “disrupt and dismantle encrypted” messaging services used by criminals around the world.

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