GOP Files Lawsuits Against Biden to Protect America

GOP Files Lawsuits Against Biden to Protect America

( – President Joe Biden has been in office for just about 100 days but he’s already facing lawsuits on multiple fronts. One of the states that isn’t putting up with any of his nonsense is Arizona. Recently, its attorney general explained how Republicans are saving the country.

On April 28, Fox News reported that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich recently said GOP attorneys general are both the “last line of defense” and the “first line of offense” in the fight against Biden’s radical policies. His state, for instance, has sued to enforce the public charge rule for immigrants, meaning those who would likely receive public assistance later wouldn’t qualify for a green card. The state is also suing to force the administration to study the environmental impact illegals are having on the border and another suit was filed over the lag in deportations.

Arizona is only one state fighting back against Biden. The multiple lawsuits will hopefully stop him from implementing radical changes that would alter the face of the nation.

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