Hillary Clinton Attacks GOP in Disgusting Claim

Hillary Clinton Attacks GOP in Disgusting Claim

(UnitedVoice.com) – During the 2016 presidential race, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton insulted Donald Trump’s supporters by calling them deplorables. Since then, she has likened the GOP to a cult and said conservative lawmakers are spineless cowards. Recently, she insulted them once again.

In an interview that aired on Thursday, April 1, Clinton spoke to Jennifer Palmieri, her former communications director. During the interview, she talked about gun control. She said the GOP “gun worshipers” have the upper hand in the gun control fight because of the filibuster and the fact they shamelessly exploit “people’s unwarranted fears.” She went on to say the Republican Party is full of “opportunists” who are keeping Americans “riled up” and afraid of gun laws.

The GOP isn’t exploiting anything. They are protecting the rights of the American people. Maybe if Clinton had put more of an emphasis on that when she ran for president, the people would have given her the job.

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