Human Trafficking Being Enabled By Democrats

Human Trafficking Being Enabled By Democrats

( – The escalating crisis on our southern border isn’t just bad in its own right – it’s breeding new evils. Now, an activist has warned that human trafficking is taking hold in the tent cities the Biden administration is building to house illegals.

Talking to War Room on March 20, Latinos for Trump president Bianca Garcia warned that criminal gangs are behind a growing trade in human beings, including children, that’s being run out of temporary camps set up to hold border jumpers. Garcia said victims are being sold to drug cartels, with prices depending on where they’re from. Prices range from $2,500 for a Mexican, $3,000 for Central Americans to $9,000 for Russians, Afghans and other nationalities.

Garcia says the victims end up “owing” money to the cartels, trapping them in modern slavery when they can’t repay it. Visibly emotional, she accused the Democrats of being “the champions of slavery” and said what’s happening to Latino people along the border is “an atrocity.” Garcia promised to keep being vocal on the issue and called on Americans to support her at the border.

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