Police Bill of Rights Ended With Democrat Push

Police Bill of Rights Ended With Democrat Push

(UnitedVoice.com) – Maryland’s Democrat-controlled legislature has stripped a range of legal protections from the state’s peace officers, despite a veto from the governor. It’s the first state to attack law enforcement so openly – but the far left will likely push others to follow.

On April 10 the Maryland Legislature voted to override three vetoes imposed by Governor Larry Hogan (R), and reinstate a series of “reform” bills that leave cops vulnerable to malicious court cases. Among other things the bills strip cops of due process in misconduct investigations, more than double the civil liability limit, and set statewide standards for necessary force.

Maryland was the first of over 20 states to pass a police bill of rights, in 1973. Now it’s been neutered by Democrats and anti-police activists. Calls for police departments to be defunded have faded recently, but now the left’s new strategy is becoming clear – leave cops so exposed that nobody will want the job.

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