Ron DeSantis Leads the Way — Leaves Other GOP Governors Behind

Ron DeSantis Leads the Way -- Leaves Other GOP Governors Behind

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) can only be described as a powerhouse. When the pandemic hit the Sunshine State, he refused to keep prolonged restrictions that would cripple his economy. And now, he’s signed an order that he hopes will make everything go back to normal.

On May 3, DeSantis signed a law that outlawed COVID-19 vaccine passports, which would stop Americans from entering certain businesses without proving they’d undergone a medical procedure they might not want. Then, he also signed an order that got rid of all the rest of the coronavirus restrictions in the state. For instance, local county governments are not allowed to force people to wear masks anymore.

Senior editor of The Blaze, Daniel Horowitz, applauded the governor’s actions, saying he’s leading the way and protecting Americans’ rights.

No other governor has moved as quickly as DeSantis to restore normalcy to their states. Perhaps that’s why former President Donald Trump has said Ron would be a good 2024 running mate.

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