State Governor Pushes Back Against Vaccine Passports

State Governor Pushes Back Against Vaccine Passports

( – As more and more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, there have been many discussions about how to tell who has and hasn’t received the shot. One confirmation method that’s been discussed is a vaccine passport that will allow businesses to refuse entry to people who have not received the vaccine. However, one governor is pushing back on that idea.

On March 29, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he would sign an executive action banning the use of vaccine passports. He said the Sunshine State wouldn’t be using them, calling it “completely unacceptable” for companies or the government to “impose” a vaccine requirement on citizens who want to “participate in normal society.”

Forcing people to get a vaccine to enter a business seems wholly un-American. This country’s central tenet is freedom — the freedom to choose your religion, career, and what to do with your body. Forcing a medical procedure on someone, even one as simple as a vaccine, goes against that foundational belief. Not only that, but aren’t Liberals always the ones who scream, “My body, my choice?” Where are they while this topic is being debated? Hopefully, other governors fall in line with DeSantis.

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