Top Democrat Opposes His Own Party Efforts

Top Democrat Opposes His Own Party Efforts

( – Democrats are renewing their push for gun control in the wake of the Colorado and Georgia shootings that left a combined 18 people dead. President Joe Biden called on the Senate to pass the House’s gun control bills. However, one Dem senator is not on board.

On March 23, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was asked if he was going to support the House’s gun control measure to expand background checks. The senator responded, “What the House passed? Not at all.” He explained that he’s a gun owner himself and doesn’t believe he should have to perform background checks on people he knows.

The shooters in both of the recent shootings bought their guns legally. Neither of the Democrats’ gun control bills would have prevented them from purchasing firearms. The only thing the legislation will do is add more hurdles for law-abiding citizens to jump over.

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