Trump Allies Launch Important Election Security Group

Trump Allies Launch Important Election Security Group

( – The 2020 election was fraught with allegations of voter fraud. The American people didn’t even officially know who would be their next president until January when Congress certified the Electoral College votes. A group of former President Donald Trump’s loyal allies wants to make sure that never happens again.

On May 5, Politico reported the American Greatness Fund, a conservative nonprofit that supports Trump, has formed the Election Integrity Alliance. The new election security group will be chaired by Jenna Ellis, one of the attorneys who fought on the former president’s behalf in a number of election lawsuits. Also included on the board will be Sebastian Gorka, former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, former White House adviser Peter Navarro, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and two others.

The group is reportedly going to focus on “ending election fraud and strengthening election safeguards.” They’ll provide states with the resources, solutions and information to make sure there are free and fair elections in the US. That’s something America sorely needs after the disaster in 2020.

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