Trump Documents Seized Violate Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Trump Documents Seized Violate Attorney-Client Confidentiality

( – Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani says a federal raid on his apartment and office last week seized privileged documents linked to his most famous client – Donald Trump – in what legal expert Alan Dershowitz called a misuse of legal powers.

On April 30, the FBI raided Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office, invoking a search warrant to seize his electronic devices. Talking to Newsmax on Friday, Giuliani told host Greg Kelly that half the documents on those devices were related to the nine months he spent representing President Trump and were protected by attorney-client privilege.

Giuliani says the Department of Justice has already violated privileged information with a 2019 invasion of his cloud storage. He said the DOJ knew the files they grabbed were protected but read it anyway – then decided what was, or wasn’t, privileged. “If they did this to an ordinary citizen, they would be fired, disbarred and thrown in jail,” he said. “Apparently, the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to Donald Trump.”

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