Trump Reportedly Reaching Partnership With Top App Firm

Trump Reportedly Reaching Partnership With Top App Firm

( – It’s been more than two months since all of the major social media networks banned former President Donald Trump. In that time, rumors have swirled about the possibility of him starting a platform to compete with the sites that censored him. The topic is once again generating buzz after a comment by one of his advisers and an Axios report.

On Sunday, March 21, senior Trump adviser Jason Miller said he thinks the president is going to come back to social media on “his own platform.” On Wednesday, Axios reported that Trump is in talks with existing apps, like one called Freespace, to start a social media site.

Trump has not confirmed the reports. However, he’s never been the kind of businessman who shows his cards. Time will tell if he is going to start his own platform, but one thing is for sure, if he does he will take the internet by storm.

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