Trump Warns of Fate for GOP if Filibuster Is Axed

Trump Warns of Fate for GOP if Filibuster Is Axed

( – There’s been a lot of chatter surrounding the filibuster recently. Progressives have made it clear that they want party leadership to kill the Senate tool. Former President Donald Trump recently weighed in on the matter.

On Monday, March 22, podcast “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” aired an interview with Trump. During the discussion, he said the Senate is going to be a “free for all” if the Democrats “knock out the filibuster.” The former president said he warned Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) about that scenario a while back, but the senator said, “It’ll never happen.”

If the Democratic Party manages to kill the filibuster, it would cause catastrophic damage to the country and the government. It would allow them to push through their far-left agenda and completely change the country. They would even be able to overhaul the voting system, putting Republicans at a disadvantage for years to come.

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