US Senate Confirms Controversial Biden Nominee

US Senate Confirms Controversial Biden Nominee

( – The Senate is still busy confirming President Joe Biden’s nominees for key positions in the US government more than three months into his term. This week, another of his controversial picks went up for a vote and made it through.

On Tuesday, April 27, the Senate voted 49-45 to confirm Colin Kahl for the job of Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. His new position is considered the third-most powerful job in the Pentagon. Earlier this month, a group of Republican lawmakers called on FBI Director Christopher Wray to investigate the possibility that Kahl leaked classified information on social media.

In addition to the allegations that Kahl may have leaked classified information, he was accused of posting nasty tweets about GOP lawmakers. Instead of ensuring he didn’t violate the law before putting him in such a powerful position, Democrats forced him through the Senate. In doing so, they demonstrated, once again, where their priorities really lie: maintaining their own power.

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