University of Minnesota Lecture Covers a 12-Step Program for Whiteness…

For a while now, we have seen city after city in the US become the target of Black Lives Matter crusades that seem only intent on violence and mayhem.

But one thing you might notice is that some of the most outspoken and confrontation of this group aren’t black Americans or really part of any minority for that matter.

They are white, as in Caucasian, likely descended from some northern European country, and with not an ounce of color to them.

So why is it these are the ones supposedly calling an end to racial injustice? Why are white people more concerned with their own racial hatred than anyone else?

Well, I would have to say it is because of so-called academic lectures such as this one given by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Practice Transformation.

The school’s department features white therapist Cristina Combs expounding on how to counteract your “whiteness” by cutting “ties to white supremacy.”

The lecture is essentially an outline for a “12-step program” designed to “teach white people” about their supposedly racist and unjust outlook on life. Because, you know, being white makes you inherently racist and the worst kind of bigot.

If you are anything like me, you now need a minute just to breathe and try to cool yourself down before you get the urge to throw whatever device you are reading this off of.

Feel free to take a breather or quit while you are still ahead. Either way, I won’t be offended one bit. Take all the time you need.

The two-hour lecture begins with Combs asking: “What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘white supremacy?’’’

She doesn’t really need the answer, of course. If you are American, you are immediately taken to an image of men dressed in white gowns with pointed white hats and torches standing in a circle around a hanging post or tree. AKA: the Ku Klux Klan.

And Combs confirms this by putting a very similar image on the screen behind her. Of course, she then transitions this image to one of herself, implying that she must be a part of that wholly demonic group by her being white. And, naturally, so are you.

This is a small reminder to breathe…

But Combs has a solution – you simply have to begin a “Recovery from White Conditioning,” which is what she titles her lecture. And as the Tennessee Star notes, it is “mirrored after the one used by people in Alcoholics Anonymous.”

The Star says that Combs “created the white supremacy 12 step program ‘after years of struggling to navigate the role and presence of whiteness in her personal, academic, and professional journeys,’ according to the university’s website.”

This is the first step of the program: “We admitted that we had been socially conditioned by the ideology of white supremacy.”

The rest of the steps are laid out here, according to The College Fix.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit a little inward reflection can be useful for the soul on occasion. But to go so far that you believe everything we are taught is based on some underlying white supremacist teaching of hatred?

Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid…

But that’s not even the worst part. No, the worst thing about this is that it’s being taught to our children in schools all across the nation. They are actually being “conditioned” to use Comb’s word against her, to hate themselves just because they are white.

Young people are admitting that they hate being white. And when asked, they reason that according to the way history is taught and lectures like these, white people are innately evil.

I don’t know about you, but this is where I really need to take a step back and breathe. As a parent, the last thing I ever want my child to feel is the kind of self-loathing this kind of talk breeds. And to think about someone knowing putting this in my kid’s head makes me just about see red.

I mean, just look at this line said by Combs about her lecture:

“I also want to hold that alongside the tension that, in this model, we are, in fact, centering whiteness, but we are centering it differently: to expose it, study its patterns, and to transform its violent legacy.”

How is someone supposed to be proud of themselves and what they can accomplish when they are given lines like this, that imply that because you are white, you are somehow, at your very core, “violent” and disgraceful? And to further say that the only way they can be redeemed is to go through a 12-step recovery program?

This is precisely why American cities are in turmoil.