(Video) Dems’ New Normal! BLM Run Over Police Officer in Philly

A Black Lives Matter protest turned into a violent riot in Philadelphia. The local police lost control and things got ugly. A police officer was mowed down by a large black truck. A black male resident was shot by local officers after he had charged at them with a knife. The shooting took place last night and it wasn’t long before it was being shared on social media.

Walter Wallace, the shooting victim, was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. Shops and police vehicles were looted. The police are being left to fend for themselves and they are not being given the help that they need to handle these riots. Police officers were attacked and one of their cars was even set on fire.

“Black truck just drove over a cop at a pretty high rate of speed, I’m sure the whole footage will be circulating soon but caught the tail end #philadelphia,” shared one tweeter. “Officer down. They just hit a cop with a car. #Philly Philadelphia, PA (clipped from @after_theaction live stream),” another tweeter shared.

People are clearly concerned about the welfare of these officers, despite what you may have been told by the liberal media. “Officers ordered him several times to drop the weapon,” said Philadelphia Police Sergeant Eric Gripp. “He did not do so.” What were the police supposed to do in this situation? We are sure that all of the mental health advocates out there have a wide range of options for police to choose from.

“Fortunately it appears the officers were wearing body cameras,” said Sgt. Gripp. “The cameras were activated. So we should have a lot of video along with eyewitness statements.” This should have put a lot of the nonsense to bed last night but no one was willing to listen. Black Lives Matter members and supporters did not care.

They took to the streets and they were ready to kill police officers at a moment’s notice. How can anyone feel safe in a world full of people who behave like this with very little provocation? The condition of the officer who was struck by the vehicle has not been released at this time. As the situation unfolds, more updates are going to be provided.

We are not sure what this particular riot was going to accomplish. It is one thing to protest a situation that has unfolded that seems unfair. It is quite another to ignore all of the information that people have at their disposal, just so violence can erupt. There has to be a better way for them to express their feelings.

A city like Philadelphia is not going to drop to their knees because a few leftists have decided that they have had enough. Those who attempt to murder police officers cannot be rewarded for their actions. The folks who want to strip the police forces of their funding are the ones who are doing the most to prove that they are needed.

The irony is so thick here, you can practically cut it with a knife. If these people wanted to convince anyone that they are the ones that should be making these decisions, they should probably stop taking to the streets every time they don’t get their way. All this does is prove to cities that the police are quite essential. In fact, the officers who are forced to work during the riots are often provided with overtime pay.

The same money that they want to pump back into the school systems or social services is being spent to keep cops on the streets during violent protests. The sooner that this crowd realizes what is really going on, the better their chances will be. It’s not like the police are ever going to lose their funding in our lifetimes but at least they could feel as if they are working towards something more tangible.