Virus Invades Biden’s World or at Least He Thinks It Has

Joe Biden continues his pathetic posturing against the conservative governors that have refused to implement the president’s wishful mask mandate. The fearful president is so frail that he cannot go out in public because he is scared that someone is going to breathe on him and infect him with some form of the virus. Biden was one of the first to get a shot in the arm, so one would think that he would see himself as immune.

Biden’s take on the virus is fed to him by the dementia receptors in his brain. They are telling him that it is the year 2020, and COVID is just starting up. In his world, he is reliving the moments where Donald Trump was victorious over the virus. Except he sees himself as Donald Trump.

Every clearly thinking American feels remorse for the president. he sits around in his office, disconnected from the world. He thinks that he is doing the right thing and often wonders why people are against him so much. The reason is that he has lost touch with current events, and no one wants to take a step back in time.

The forgetful man believes he has had his feelings hurt by people that do not care. He attacks their loyalty and patriotic demeanor towards the country because they will not force people to cover their mouths. But there is a more significant issue at stake, and that is the ability to control people.

The Democratic Party believes that they should have the right to tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. That belief has led to the murder of millions of babies who never had the chance to grow up.

When the Republican governors reject Biden’s demands to force a mask mandate, he gets all upset and whines about how no one is listening to him. He must believe that people should just obey because he sits in the Oval Office. Somewhere he lost touch with reality and the fact that leadership is earned; it is never given. He has to win the respect and loyalty of those he works with. But so far, all he has done is split the nation.

When the president takes the platform, he cannot even remember what century he is living in, let alone what year it is. He reads from the teleprompter speeches that his masters wrote. And he cannot even get through them without bumbling over his words.

In his last speech, the president demanded that states such as Texas and Mississippi stop reopening and revert back to a closed status. He is requesting that people stop living free and start living as bound slaves, waiting for their liberal masters to let them out of prison.

All Biden wants to do is keep people tied to COVID for the long term so he can dictate what people can do with themselves. He lives in a state of delusion. He has been vaccinated and cannot catch the virus. And yet he wears two masks because a small man named Fauci told him to do it. And he even likes to pick his nose under the mask even though the CDC tells him to leave his face alone.

Liberals have a hard time understanding what irony all is about. Their name falls right behind the definition. The more Governor Abbott of Texas opens the state up, the more he proves that things are ready to return to normal. If Biden wants to live in the dark ages, he is more than able to do it. The problem is that he does not want to be alone, so he insists on taking everyone with him.

The science behind the virus dictates a reopening of the country. The places where they are not opening up are starting to see a resurgence because people are being kept near each and their immune systems are getting weaker. They must be allowed out into the world so they stay strong and healthy.

Biden just does not like being able to tell Texans what to do. They indeed told Biden what he could go and do with himself.