What China Has Done Should Chill Our Military to the Bone

Avigator Fortuner / Shutterstock.com
Avigator Fortuner / Shutterstock.com

President Biden has been identified as weak. His threats carry absolutely no weight. All across the world, leaders are laughing at him…and it seems that China may be laughing the loudest.

We have to pay close attention to what China does. They are not an ally. They are an enemy, and they must be treated like one.

Now, images have been captured to show that China has built mock-ups of U.S. warships, including at least one aircraft carrier and one destroyer. What does this mean? Well, it could mean a lot of things, but none of them can be viewed as positive.

These mock-ups are found in the northwestern desert of China. Currently, it’s being considered that these are used for practice…as if they’re gearing up for a clash as the tensions rise between the U.S. and the communist country.

We’ve already accused them of being the ones responsible for unleashing COVID on the world.

And, they’ve been regularly taunting Taiwan, an ally of the United States.

We have to ask ourselves, what is going to set China off to the point that they attack?

Over the past few years, China has been upgrading its military – in terms of weaponry and troops. They’ve also been bragging about it, which makes it important to question their intentions.

Maxar Technologies, a satellite imagery company in Colorado, was responsible for capturing the images. We see the outlines of at least one destroyer as well as a U.S. aircraft carrier on a railway track.

The U.S. Naval Institute pointed out that the mock-ups were part of a new target range that has been developed by the People’s Liberation Army.

This is problematic. China is basically using our warships as part of their target range. And, according to the USNI, there are at least enough details to encompass funnels and weapons systems.

Of course, China doesn’t want to admit that they have these. When asked, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, explained “I’m not aware of the situation you mentioned.”

Well, that’s great.

So, China is just going to plead ignorant while they continue to make mock-ups of our warships so that they can practice how to best take us out. Does the Biden administration plan to demand answers? Probably not. After all, that would require Biden to develop a backbone.

The mock-ups are only one reason why we should be concerned.

Over the past several months, there have been more and more Chinese military flights taking place in Taiwan’s airspace. It’s as if they are showing off their military strength and providing warnings of what could happen if they don’t comply.

We’ve also got the Pentagon reporting that China has been expanding its nuclear force faster than what the U.S. had predicted possible.

U.S. defense officials haven’t said what they’re going to do. However, they have admitted that they are growing wary of what China intends to do…either with Taiwan, the U.S., or both. One report said, “The PLA’s evolving capabilities and concepts continue to strengthen (China’s) ability to ‘fight and win wars’ against a ‘strong enemy’ – a likely euphemism for the United States.”

China has expressed that it’s ready for battle, but the mock-ups of warships should be the ultimate sign that they’re going to be targeting us. It’s not a matter of “if” but when. Yet, Biden’s not really doing anything…