What?! Liberals Wage War on Big Oil for the End of the World

It’s not news that the left-wing has climate change, and the human race’s impact on our environment one of the most significant issues of their agenda as of late. And it’s also not news that many environmentalists have a rather large problem with big oil and gas companies such as Exxon Mobile and BP. However, some members of the left are taking things to a whole new level of insane and actually waging war on big oil.

Take the mayor of Honolulu, Hawaii, for example. Apparently, he is very concerned about the current state of our climate and environment, as are many others. And as mayor of a reasonably large city, he has the power to make some rather significant changes. There is any number of things he could do or laws he could help to put in place that might diminish the carbon footprint of humans, at least in his area.

So what has he chosen to do to make a difference?

He is going to sue Exxon Mobile for a bazillion dollars.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced earlier this week in a press conference that he was going to sue the company and other similar ones for damages they have caused to our climate. He said, “We have sent to the Honolulu City Council a resolution for their approval to file a lawsuit against big oil companies that have contributed a lot to our climate crisis.”

However, it is noted that Caldwell is not the only one to be taking similar action against oil giants such as Exxon. Quite a few other cities or local governments have done the same.

As Free Beacon reported, “The mayor of Honolulu is adding his city to a list of governments suing major energy producers such as Exxon Mobile and BP for damages related to climate change even though courts have proven reluctant to wade into such matters and translating those damages into hard dollar amounts is nearly impossible.”

But we have to ask ourselves: Why go this route?

Sure, big oil companies make a rather easy target. After all, they are producing resources and energy that have proven to be dangerous to the earth and its inhabitants in some fashion or another. However, they are only giving into supply and demand.

Instead, Caldwell could be going after companies that use these products the most.

Take, for instance, airlines and the millions of airplanes that are flown around the world daily. It has been estimated that for every passenger on a commercial jet, the plane puts out about 234kg of harmful carbon gases. And that is just for a short flight, say from London to Rome, which is roughly about 892 miles. By the way, this is more than 17 countries produce in an entire year.

But what about for longer flights such as flying from Honolulu to San Jose, California, which is about 2,416 miles? Well, you will basically need to triple the amount of CO2 produced. And remember that is per passenger, not just for the whole flight.

Talk about pollution.

But wait, as an island, Hawaii is dependent on flights to arrive and depart from its airports on a daily basis. Without air transit, Hawaii would be cut off from the rest of the nation and the world, forced to live on what it can do for itself.

Plus, those airplanes provide a lot more than just necessary goods and trade for the island communities. They also allow an average of 30,000 people to fly to and from the state every single day of the year and provide the government with millions in tourism dollars each year.

Naturally, Caldwell wouldn’t want to do this.

To learn why big oil has been targeted, instead of the other millions of ways liberals could “save the environment,” we have to go back to 2016. At the time, it was leaked that a group of liberals made it their goal to start “a coordinated campaign of legal action, divestment efforts, and political pressure” that would eradicate Exxon Mobile completely.

And this appears to be just another step in that plane. Basically, what it all boils down to is politics. That’s all that really matters for Democrats. They simply want all the power. And if completely ruining our nation’s economy is how they get that power, then so be it. Oh, and of course, there are a few billion dollars to be gained in the process.