What?! Students Placed in Plastic Boxes for Class

COVID-19 has caused a lot of panic around the country and the world. In many areas that are Democratic-controlled, there is an excessive desire to try and control things by going overboard. The many ideas that are being suggested are unnecessary simply because it is overkill as it relates to common sense. What is being suggested around the country is to put kids of all ages in plexiglass boxes to keep them from having contact with other kids. The schools are being told to line their desks and rooms with layers of plexiglass.

Many liberal states are unwilling to open their schools because of the COVID-19 threat. The media continues to push fake news and reports about the virus hoping to scare people into believing the lies that are being presented. Some areas still have a mandatory quarantine in place for people that travel from major population centers. There is simply a ridiculous belief that COVID-19 is going to kill everyone in the country if people come into contact with each other.

So, schools and universities are scrambling to install these plexiglass barriers to keep viruses from moving from person to person. When a person sneezes, it will not stay behind a plexiglass barrier. It will simply travel around the barrier and up the other person’s nose. Schools are spending money on things that do not need to take place. But if that is what the crazy liberals want to do to feel safe and to feel better about themselves, then they should put boxes around themselves and leave everyone else alone.

The plexiglass companies are having a great year financially. Ryan Schroeder who is the CEO of Plaskolite has stated that “We’re hitting records… week in week out, at this point from a sales perspective. Orders have been substantially higher [than normal]. So we are really, at this point, running all our sheet machines at full capacity… around the clock.” The cost to outfit the schools will only impact the quality of education that the students will receive.

These poor kids are being put into fishbowls because of the fear of the liberals and people that have fallen for the lies of the media. One school district alone has ordered roughly five miles of plexiglass for their schools. Another district in Roanoke County, Virginia stated that they had to order 3,600 square feet of plexiglass “to create barriers for each school front office. We are in the process of getting quotes for 2,800 plexiglass portable dividers (30×24”) for use in classrooms.” Each piece will find its way onto students’ desks and other places where a divider will be needed.

The fear is real for many people. But they fail to realize that once the Democrats are defeated in November a lot of the turmoil will be gone. The sad part about the issues is that major universities are falling for the need to put people in plastic boxes. San Jose University stated that they needed to “outfit several of our front of house services and customer service areas, such as dining commons, library, and housing front desks, with plexiglass.” They might as well put plexiglass around each student and make them all wear face-shields.

Some schools are even shrinking their classroom size and placing the desks further apart to keep students socially distance. Other places are putting plastic barriers where face-to-face contact takes place. The idea is basically to put plexiglass up in just about every public area. Universities and schools are beginning to look like prison visitation rooms.

Plaskolite is reporting that they have a 30-week delay in getting orders filled. Their factories just cannot keep up. They stated that “Our lead times are extended substantially, partly because of our other conditional customers — as they come back online, we need to be able to serve them as well, and not throw the baby out with the bathwater.” By the time they fill all of the orders, there will be no need to put people in plastic boxes because everyone would have beaten COVID-19.