What the Heck? Canada Tried to Canoodle with China

Canada is a friend of the U.S. but China is an enemy. What happens when we find out that our friend is trying to canoodle with the enemy? It’s certainly not a good position to be in.

Documents were found that showed Canada had plans to train China’s military in cold weather tactics on an Ontario military basis.

Really? The last thing we need China to be doing is improving its military personnel.

The program has been canceled at the request of the Trump administration.

The documentation had to be carefully obtained. It was identified that a Canadian official attended a celebration for the Chinese navy’s anniversary back in 2019.

Is it possible that Canada and China are chummier than we had given them credit for?

Probably not. China has been holding two Canadians as hostages since December 2018. This is as payback for Canada arresting Meng Wanzhou, a Huawei executive that is wanted in the United States.

The two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, are being charged with espionage.

Documents obtained by Ezra Levant, the founder of the Rebel News Network, made it clear that yes, a Canadian military official did attend the PLA Navy 70th Anniversary Fleet Review, which took place in Qingdao, China.

The same documents also talked about six to eight personnel coming from PLA (People’s Liberation Army) to participate in the winter training at the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa, Ontario.

Why would China be interested in winter military tactics? It has been identified that PLA soldiers have (and will likely again) engaged in conflict in the Himalayas with Indian troops.

It took the U.S. Department of Defense asking the Canadian Armed Forces to cancel that winter training. Somehow, Canada thought that providing that training would be a good idea. It seems as though they can be easily swayed by China, which is not a good thing for Canada or the United States.

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has been accused of “pay to play” fundraising with advisers to the Chinese government.

The United States and Canada need to play together in order to conquer China. If one is offering to teach the PLA military tactics that can help them in cold weather, it can be a dangerous game.

The U.S. approach to China has changed dramatically under the Trump administration. Although Biden was part of the Obama administration, he has indicated that he will continue to take a hard stance with China. This means that it’s important to know all that Canada is doing with China.

If Canada wants to canoodle with China more than what they’ve already been doing, it can lead to problems. Canada is the neighbor to the north. They’ve always been considered allies – but if they’re going to dance with China, they may cease to be so in the future.

Some of the email communication acquired by Levant shows that there may have been concerns from “several” of the Five Eyes countries. The “Five Eyes” countries include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. These five countries are allies who have agreed to not only share intelligence but also not to spy on one another.

It doesn’t appear that any of the other Five Eyes countries have expressed concerns to Canada over willingness to train the Chinese military. The U.S. is the one specifically responsible for asking Canada to cancel the training – and they did so willingly.

The only issue that remains to be seen is if China will take the canceling of the training in an unintended way that could pose problems to Canada-China relations. More specifically, they’re worried if it would lead to retaliation with the Wanzhou case since China still has two Canadians held as a hostage for espionage.

Levant has identified that it’s “shocking” that Canada would be willing to train a Communist dictatorship in war tactics that could end up being used against Canadians – but will most certainly be used against the Indians, who are allies of the Five Eyes countries.

Exactly what was Canada thinking?