White House Officially Confirms That Censuring Republicans Is Not Only OK but Expected From Social Media (Video)

The Democratic media complex has been addicted to the Trump morphine drip for some time now. They cannot help themselves. If they are not overreacting to everything that he says, they do not know what to do with themselves. Take a look at what happened recently in the White House. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was being asked questions about Trump.

Why he even being brought up at this point? It’s a sickness that they have and they cannot seem to realize it. Trump talks should be over at this point. This reporter still wanted to know if Trump’s absence from social media has any impact on the COVID-19 relief negotiations. Psaki had a decent response but the question didn’t need to be asked in the first place.

“This may be hard to believe but we don’t spend a lot of time talking about or thinking about President Trump here,” Psaki replied. “Former President Trump, to be very clear.” That’s some expert shade-throwing, we will grant her that. The questions did not stop there, either. The Trump monkey on their backs was going crazy and they needed to feed the addiction.

When Psaki was asked if Biden supported the continued social media ban for Trump, her answer was very telling. In their minds, “the need for social media platforms to continue to take steps to reduce hate speech.” So that’s that on that, then. The United States Supreme Court does not agree with this assessment, though.

They have been asked to rule on matters that involve “hate speech” before and the answer has always been the same. The First Amendment protects all speech but we wouldn’t expect Biden to tell anyone that. Meanwhile, the White House is actively working alongside Big Tech to censor anyone who is willing to express conservative points of view.

Project Veritas is also blowing the lid off the Big Tech muzzling act. Videos of Mark Zuckerberg have circulated, thanks to them. These clips are incredibly troubling. Zuckerberg and the other Facebook execs in the room are flat out admitting that the platform has too much power. Are they doing anything to put a stop to that control?

Readers already know the answer to that one. They deny the existence of the videos and hope that the 99% will want the status quo to remain intact. So far, they have been right about these guesses. The Facebook executives also want to work alongside Biden and we don’t have to make any guesses here. They are stating this right out in the open for the world to hear.

Social media companies should not be able to ban anyone from their platforms. The liberals who defend these types of decisions will always trot out the same tired defenses. These sites can simply ban anyone they want because they are private companies. At least that’s what the far left likes to say when they are making excuses for Facebook and the like.

The First Amendment is being totally disregarded by these charlatans. They are working overtime to make sure that conservative concerns are suppressed. In their minds, there is only one set of people who can speak and everyone else needs to learn how to keep their yaps shut. Biden has made his feelings abundantly clear on this topic but people wanted to think that he was merely joking.

Or, they thought that his new world order would not end up affecting them very much. Most Biden voters feel this way. They were fine with letting him steal the election because they felt as if looking the other way would play in their favor. They are not going to have much to show for this mindset but we sure do hope that they are having a good time. The censorship committee is sure to come for them soon enough. That day cannot arrive fast enough if you ask us.