Whitmer Joins 60 Minutes Insanity as She Blames Florida for the Increase in COVID Cases in Michigan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has had her hand slapped so many times that she should have learned that being a liberal is as popular as she might think it is. Her state is having the worst surge in COVID-19 infections while the rest of the county is seeing a massive reduction in cases. In the past week, it has been discovered that seven cities with the worst infections are all in Michigan.

Whitmer just cannot accept her role in the failure to contain the virus in her state. She has turned to an age-old way of getting out of trouble, which is to blame everyone else for her troubles. This time around, she is blaming Ron DeSantis for all of the infections that have popped up in her state.

Her reasoning behind the infection rate is that Florida did not have a mask mandate, and now everyone in the state is carrying the virus. In her mind, the entire state is a stewpot of people infected with the virus. To simply speak with a Floridian is to become infected with the virus.

Her attempt to discredit DeSantis and all Floridians is the same game that 60 Minutes has tried to play. Discredit the Republican Governor as much as possible, so he is weak in 2024 as he seeks to run for the presidential office.

Florida may have new infections popping up, but the same argument can be said of Michigan in that they brought the virus to Florida. But that is as much nonsense as what Whitmer has stated to the public.

One news source stated that “Florida and Michigan have reported the highest and second-highest number of cases of a more contagious variant that was first identified in the U.K. Michigan had the United States’ worst infection rate in the past two weeks.”

Whitmer stated that she is concerned about travel to and from other states. But her words are meant as a scare tactic. She stated that “It’s a concern no matter what. That’s why we are really encouraging people to get vaccinated.” She even told people that they needed to stay home and work from their couch until they could prove that they were no longer infectious.

Whitmer’s paranoia is directed at red states because she believes it is her responsibility to destroy as many conservatives as possible. The issue that she misses is that Florida and Michigan are two vastly different regions.

The issues that Florida faces are vastly different than what Michigan will face. Whitmer cannot grasp the concept that her infectious rate has nothing to do with DeSantis. She saw an opportunity to attack a Republican, and she took it.

Her paranoia is not justified. A few students on spring break are hardly responsible for any new so-called surges. A few hundred infections is hardly a new surge. It is really a minor spike in the grand theme of viral infections.

Whitmer went off the deep end with her COVID-19 restrictions. She overstepped her authority and forced people to stay home. She forced people to stop working and to go broke because of a lack of money. Her state is the worst in the country.

The virus is going to show up where it wants. It will not care if people are at home or work. It is going to make them sick. Floridians have been out and working for over a year, and they have a stable level of infections. There is not one hospital that is overloaded or on the brink of breaking. And somehow, Whitmer is blaming the southern state for her trouble up north.

60 Minutes is trying to make people believe that DeSantis is a fraud, and Whitmer is trying to make the state out to be a COVID-19 manufacturing plant.

Whitmer has let her state fall behind the rest of the country because she is following Biden’s plan. But that is no excuse to blame others for her troubles. Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida continue to lead the way back to normal by setting an example for others to follow.