Who is Andrew Wheeler and What Role Will He Have?

Who is Andrew Wheeler and What Role Will He Have?
Who is Andrew Wheeler and What Role Will He Have?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a new deputy administrator, Andrew Wheeler. Wheeler is taking over this position due to the resignation of Scott Pruitt. Wheeler has been second in command to Pruitt at the EPA since April of 2018, so it is only fitting he takes over the lead role.
Wheeler’s appointment was first announced back in July of 2018, but he only stepped into the role officially recently. Unfortunately, just days after Wheeler was appointed, the Left began to attack him and twist his words.
We have the details on who he is, why he was appointed, and what’s causing all the controversy in this post.

Hot Points

  • The new EPA lead has been a sore spot for Dems for some time; they can’t stand his history and think he’s unsuitable for the position. In the past, he has been a very vocal supporter of the coal and energy industry, but that’s just part of their issue with him.
  • Wheeler used to be the principal of Faegre Baker Daniels, a consulting firm that focused heavily on the fossil fuel industry. He also served as vice president for the Washington Coal Club at the same time.
  • The embattled EPA’s other previous experience includes time served at the EPA in the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics. He served under George H.W. Bush and Clinton.
  • So what’s the problem? Seemingly, Wheeler has plenty of experience, and it’s true he is good at what he does. But the new EPA lead may not stay in this position long-term. He’s coming under fire from environmentalists for how he responded to Bernie Sanders at his confirmation hearing.
  • Sanders asked, “Do you agree with the scientific community that climate change is a global crisis?” Wheeler responded, saying “I would not call it the greatest crisis, no, sir. I consider it to be an issue that has to be addressed globally.”
  • Somehow, this is being twisted. A small subset of the Left is now claiming that Wheeler does not believe in climate change; they also claim he’s bending the EPA’s guidelines to suit the industry he himself used to invest in.
  • Wheeler has also expressed his own misgivings at being appointed to the position of EPA lead. He said, “I’m the deputy administrator, that’s the position I signed up for, that’s the position I wanted. I didn’t want to be administrator, still don’t want to be administrator. I’m here to help Administrator Pruitt with his agenda and President Trump’s agenda for the agency. That’s what my job is.”
  • This, too, raised tempers on the Left. Instead of being “an EPA lead who supports his president,” it became “Wheeler is pushing Trump’s agenda even if it requires being unethical in the process. There is no proof this is true.
  • Trump, however, is pleased with Wheeler taking over this position with the EPA, the Left be damned. In fact, he likes the man so much he tweeted his approval over the matter. “I have no doubt Andy will continue with our great and lasting EPA agenda,” it reads.