Who is REALLY Crossing the Border? It’s Not the Families Dems Want You to Believe


The number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border has been out of control for over a year. Biden knew that it was a problem but didn’t really want to do anything about it. He told Kamala Harris to deal with the problem, which only led to literally nothing being done.

The Democrats would love for Americans to believe it is families and children crossing the border, seeking asylum from a government that doesn’t care about them. We’re supposed to believe that everyone crossing the border are harmless, hard-working individuals seeking a better life.

The Border Patrol Agents in charge of apprehending border crossers are painting a very different picture. They’re showing us the truth of who is really crossing the border – and why we should all be terrified of what the Biden administration is allowing to happen.

Just this past Monday, agents in the El Centro Sector stopped seven illegal immigrants, which included a Colombian man who already has a conviction against him for Incest-Sexual Acts with a minor under the age of 14.

Thank goodness that this group of immigrants was stopped – otherwise, there could have been big problems.

And it’s not just one person. Customs and Border Protection recently announced in a statement that they have either arrested or removed 15 illegal immigrants recently who were wanted or have been convicted on sex offense charges.

Agents in Rio Grande Valley explain some of the individuals they have picked up, including several MS-13 gang members. Some have charges of assault and battery. Others have charges of money laundering and more.

MS-14 is actually a gang that was set up in LA by Central American immigrants. They have expanded significantly, including focusing on many countries in Northern Triangle countries. To be clear, their motto is known to be “mata, viola, controla.” In English, this means “kill, rape, control.”

This is hardly what we want to be invited into our country. Yet, Border Patrol Agents are constantly apprehending individuals who have been convicted of heinous crimes.

If it weren’t for the hard work of the Border Patrol Agents, these individuals would be making their way through the U.S. – and that’s not going to make any Americans feel safe.

The Biden administration is proving they care more about allowing violent criminals into the U.S. than they do about protecting hard-working Americans.

Jason Owens, the Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent recently identified in a statement that “Arrests like these highlight the importance of border security and what it means for American citizens.

There’s just one problem – there aren’t enough agents to catch everyone. In the fiscal year 2022, there have already been over 300 apprehensions of gang members and over 100 sex offense convictions.

We’re seeing more and more criminals trying to cross into the U.S. Meanwhile, Biden and Harris look the other way. They’d rather believe the false narrative that it’s just families trying to enter. They want the votes down the road. So, they’ll let anyone and everyone in.

Hundreds of thousands cross into the U.S. every month, and not everyone is caught. And if Title 42 gets lifted, we can expect even more to enter the country.

We have to be careful. American cities near the border have already identified some of the horrors. We cannot allow these horrors to penetrate the entire country – but we cannot depend on the Democratic Party to shut the border down, either. The only way that we can save ourselves is to vote carefully at the midterms and again in 2024.