Why DeSantis Says He’ll Never Enforce Lockdowns Again

It’s not always easy to stand against the tide, but as Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis proves, it is possible.

For months now, the novel coronavirus has posed one of the worst threats our nation has ever faced. Not because it is so vastly dangerous or deadly, but because the fear of it, for all intents and purposes, shut down our entire country and, in so doing, threw society and our economy into great upheaval.

However, things seem to be a bit on the up and up as of late. Or at least we don’t hear so much about the virus, as riots and chaos have taken the forefront of most news programs.

But make no mistake, the subject is never too far away. After all, we have an election coming up, and I’m positive it will be brought back out as the Democrats make one last stand to get to the White House.

One such attack will no doubt try to use Florida and their very pro-Trump governor’s handling of the virus as an arrow aimed at Trump.

DeSantis saw infection and death rates increase substantially this summer, as his state became the vacation destination for people from all over the nation. Now, to be clear, he did issue lockdowns in the state, like most others. And Floridians still contracted the virus en masse.

This led the governor to make a very calculated and educated decision, which he aired on Tuesday. To put it bluntly, “We will NEVER do any of these lockdowns again.”

Now, before you jump to conclusions and think that he is just saying this for political reasons or because he doesn’t “believe in science” like the left is wont to speak of Republicans, know that DeSantis did his research on this. And what he found is that lockdowns could be far more dangerous to our communities than the coronavirus.

As he explains, locking things down is really only delaying the inevitable. People will get this disease, and some will likely die no matter what measures we put in place.

If you have any doubts about this, just look at the South American country of Peru. Here, they have some of the strictest preventative measures regarding coronavirus. In fact, the entire nation has been under severe lockdown since early March, with military installments posted just about everywhere, ensuring the regulations are met at all times.

And yet, despite all that, the country is home to the highest death rate in the world.

But DeSantis points out a few other problems with lockdowns, as well.

First is the reduction of our citizens’ morale. Doctors and medical professionals nationwide are reporting some to the highest depression and suicide rates ever recorded. All because people have been forced to stay away from their friends, family, and even their not so likable co-workers.

Then there is the fact that, with everything being shut down, people aren’t having their health needs met. Things like elective surgeries and preventive healthcare have been put on hold, to the detriment of Americans everywhere.

I mean, what good is something if it is keeping people from seeing their doctors?

Think about all the cases of cancer, diabetes, or emphysema that haven’t been diagnosed in the last six months because people have not been allowed to visit their doctor. Some of those individuals could have mere months, possibly even weeks to live, if not treated immediately. And yet, they are holding out because they don’t want to catch something less deadly than the flu.

To DeSantis, and just about anyone not affected by Trump Derangement Syndrome, this is purely ludicrous. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Furthermore, these lockdowns have sent our economy into a spiral that, thanks to Trump’s expert guidance and business mind, we are just now starting to recover from.

Of course, none of this will stop the media and political left from obsessing over wanting to lock everything down again. After all, this would make the nation’s economy plummet even more and make Trump look bad for the upcoming election.

Luckily, some states have been blessed to have leaders like DeSantis, who can see through the left’s foolhardy advances and won’t back down.