Why is the Party of Slavery Exempt From Changing its Name…It was the Democrats who Embraced Racism

America, by way of widespread violence, is attempting to purge history as though it never existed and/or never happened. Statues of those from our past who played important roles in shaping our nation, whether they were right or wrong, are no longer standing. Even Christopher Columbus received a steal-toed boot up his rectum.

Sports teams such as the Washington Redskins are under immense pressure to accommodate the loudly voiced demands of protesters. Elementary schools, up to institutes of higher learning, have fallen prey to the relentless demands for a more suitable name change.

These radical leftists ludicrously claim that every American citizen of non-color owes them something, even though not one single one of us was alive when the historical events they’re balking about occurred.

To them, this does not matter. If a white relative from five generations ago happened to have owned slaves, by way of a person’s DNA, they are equally as guilty and need to settle the debt accordingly. Debt is a debt no matter how ancient it might be.

But unless a person has tediously dove into tracing their roots, most Americans of non-color don’t even know the names of those relatives who are dwelling six-feet underground in the form of skeletons. Nor do they care.

When is enough, enough? Apparently not yet. At one time in our history, the Democratic party was considered the party of slavery. They were responsible for Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation, lynchings, creating literacy tests to decide who got to vote and who didn’t, and a host of other racially prejudiced actions.

When the very first Confederate Congress was formed, the seats were assigned to an overwhelming number of Democrats. Federal troops were assigned to southern states to keep the growing number of blacks from “getting out of hand.”

In 1876 when Republican Rutherford Hayes won the presidential election by a landslide, the troops were removed. But in 1913, after 16-years of Republican rule, Democrat Woodrow Wilson was elected to the highest office in America. As a result, racism once again raised its ugly head.

Not only did Wilson re-segregate blacks from whites, but by executive order, he ruled that every job application must include a photo of the applicant. His reasoning was none other than to encourage employment discrimination.

He felt it would be far better for everyone if the white superior race dominated America’s workforce and left the menial and labor-intensive jobs for blacks since they were not capable of holding important positions.

When Woodrow Wilson left office, it was not the end of the Democrat’s racist ideologies. Franklin D. Roosevelt continued the tradition.

In the beginning stages of WW ll, it was Roosevelt who made the demand for every American of Japanese descent to be rounded up like cattle. The entire herd was deported to concentration camps where they would remain until Japan finally surrendered.

The camps were cruel, harsh, and heavily guarded. Japanese-American owned businesses were placed on the auction block and sold to the highest bidders. One Japanese-American by the name of Fred Korematsu, who was arrested in San Francisco for nothing other than his ethnicity, challenged Roosevelt’s ruling.

Korematsu lost his challenge when the Supreme Court ultimately, by way of a unanimous vote, took the side of Roosevelt. Democrat Hugo Black, an anti-catholic bigot and former member of the KKK, drafted the ruling.

Years later came a Democratic presidential hopeful by the name of George Wallace. Wallace found fame after blocking a doorway at the University of Alabama to prevent Vivian Malone and James Hood, both African-Americans, from entering the building. Wallace, thank God, lost the election.

Although the Democratic party has managed to redefine itself as an all-inclusive party, the past still remains. So now, with all of the name changes taking place in our nation in efforts to hide our racist past, shouldn’t they be added to the list? The party of slavery and racial inequality?

Democrats in days past were totally responsible for fueling the fires of racism in America, so why are they considered exempt? They were by far, the worst and most crass offenders.