Woman Faces Government Fines for Flying Trump Flag in Her Yard

As American citizens, we have a right to express our own opinions. We have the right to free speech as well, both of which are covered under our First Amendment. And yet, this right seems to be one of the most violated in the nation.

Not a day goes by when news of someone being denied this right is made public. But unlike the leftist-backed media would have you believe; this violation of freedom isn’t just one-sided.

For years, the left has claimed that this right is constantly being infringed upon by the right, that the government ran by Trump is trying to shut them up. However, as this story proves, they aren’t entirely as innocent as they want you to think. They, too, have found ways to punish those who have opinions which differ from theirs.

In Prescott Valley, Arizona, city officials are charging homeownerTawney Baccellia hundreds of dollars in government fines for flying a Trump flag in her yard.

To be clear, this is her very own property. It isn’t an apartment, part of a condo addition, or state-funded housing.

As Baccellia told KSAZ-TV, a local news outlet, “It was shocking that someone would try to tell me what I can and can’t fly in my own yard.”

But according to the city, they have every right to. Apparently, the city has an ordinance that forbids political flags to be flown anywhere outside of the two months before or the month after an election.

And as the presidential election is clearly over two months away, the city says she is in violation of the ordinance.

In addition, the ordinance requires that when a political flag is legally flown, it must not be done under the American flag. And Baccellia’s yard violates this as well.

As a result, she is facing hundreds of dollars in government fines if she fails to remove the Trump flag.

But Baccellia does have one thing going for her: the mayor is on her side.

Prescott Valley Mayor Kell Palguta, according to the local news outlet, is “in her corner” and has already begun the process of fixing the situation.

Palguta says, “She’s demonstrating her first amendment right. She has every right to, and who are we to tell her no?”

According to KSAZ-TV, Palguta says the problem is that this is simply one of many outdated city codes he is seeking to address. He said, “15 to 20 years ago, novelty flags weren’t very popular. You didn’t see ‘thin blue line flags’ or ‘thin red line flags,’ you just saw an American flag.”

And he continued, “As times have changed, the town needs to catch up, and we need to change a little bit.”

However, as Palguta alluded to, there is a reasonable argument that the city ordinance should never have even been put into place at all. It is Baccellia’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression. And that includes what she chooses to put in her yard or fly on a flag pole.

As long as it isn’t obscene, it isn’t any business of the government, local or federal, what she flies on her own property. And it shouldn’t be.

Sure, some people might not like it or agree with it. But that doesn’t mean that she should be branded as a criminal or even wrong for supporting her president. Many people had a problem with flags that promoted the LGBTQ community being flown throughout capital cities around the nation and the world. But the flags were allowed to be flown nonetheless.

The problem is that people seem to get offended over the simplest things anymore. But rather than just admitting that it hurts them or that they don’t like it, they try to prove there is something inherently wrong with the situation.

And in Baccellia’s case, her choice of the political flag is said to be somehow disrespectful to our nation and the American flag that flies above it. But how can that be? Political flags, no matter the party they come from, are a symbol of national pride. They are proof that America’s citizens care about the country, who is running it, and what kind of laws are put into place. They are a form of civic engagement, which should be celebrated and encouraged, not defamed.

Thank God, some still agree with this and fight for our constitutional rights.