Women Stand in Line Now to Get Revenge for Abuse Under Cuomo

The city is feasting on Andrew Cuomo as they slowly grill him over the fire. There are now six women that have come forward with sexual accusations against the estranged man.

One by one, the women have bolstered the courage to come forward and demand that Cuomo pays for his crimes against their bodies. The sexual assault against these victims demands prison time and for Cuomo to register as a sex offender.

The latest hero to come out with accusations to bring down a predator stated that she had been called to the governor’s mansion to aid him in with a technical problem with his phone. As the protected female approaches the door, she was invited in and taken to the second floor of the home when Cuomo lives.

Once Cuomo had her alone, he closes her in a room with him alone and forces his hands under her shirt, and begins to do things to her body that are not right for him to do.

It was stated that “said the woman — who is much younger than Cuomo — told the governor to stop. Her broader allegations include that he frequently engaged in flirtatious behavior with her and that it was not the only time that he had touched her.”

The narrative that is told by his staff is that “The woman’s story was revealed within the governor’s Executive Chamber on March 3, as staff members watched his first news conference in the week since Lindsey Boylan published an online essay detailing her own allegations against Cuomo. In the news conference, the governor denied ever touching any women’ inappropriately.’”

The lies of the governor made an impact on the woman as she relived the encounter. Shortly after, Cuomo denied the first allegations was when this new hero came out and reported the crimes the governor committed against her body.

The filthy governor is facing charges at various levels. The attorney general is Letitia James in New York. She can only investigate issues so far before they cross over into civil matters. Of which would have to be prosecuted by the Albany County District Attorney. It would be at the county level that criminal charges could be filed against crooked Cuomo.

The county would charge the governor with assaultive behavior with a sexual flair to it. He forced himself on the women and then forced them to do things they did not want to do. In essence, he started to rape them.

Andrew Cuomo is a politician’s version of a mafia boss. He had his staff try and cover up the past so no one would ever know his sexual tendencies while living in the governor’s mansion.

Like all victims of sexual assault, they usually keep the matters to themselves to avoid any kind of retribution from authority. But as more women came out of the shadows to reveal what had happened to them, it became easier to join together for the sake of the truth.

These victims did not have to wait so long to tell their stories. But the fear of losing their jobs and the harm that it could to their families forced them into silence. And who knows what their attacker said to them in order to force them to keep their mouths shut. But sometimes, another person’s pain is what it takes to open the flood gates to bring down a Democrat.

Each accusation from each woman builds into a narrative that hangs around Cuomo’s neck like a noose. The man took these women and did things to them that would have landed others in prison. But because of his position, he purposely abused he was able to rape them one by one nearly.

Democrats in New York have a choice to make. Either commit political suicide and try to defend Cuomo. Or, they can throw him under the bus and put him in prison for a long time. Given the history of Democrats, they will try and stick with him as long as possible. For sure, Cuomo stuck his finger in a light socket, and he finally got bit.