World Record Setting Broadcaster Signs Deal for New Conservative Show Bringing Jay Leno Along

By Nature's Charm

The Daily Wire has established itself as one of the most aggressive and trending online conservative publishers. Piloted by the cuttingly sarcastic Ben Shaprio and crewed by such conservative broadcasting talents as Matt Walsh and Andrew Klavan, they constantly top the trending leaderboards, for all online publishers (meaning, everybody, CNN, Politico, Fox, People, everybody).

More recently they managed to make a deal to bring content from the formidable and lovely Candace Owens to the American conservative audience, and readers may well have thought that was as good as it gets. But as any late-night infomercial will tell you … just wait, there’s more.

According to a report in The Post Millennial, the Daily Wire made the announcement last week during their Backstage Live event in Nashville, TN. that legendary podcaster and beloved host Adam Carolla will be launching a comedy show on The Daily Wire’s platform. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’d be wrong, because he’s bringing Jay Leno on as his first guest on the show.

And in case you’re wondering this isn’t a joke, though there is some potential there (Jew, a former Democrat, a Canadian and a famous comedian walk into a studio … We’ll work on it). What the Daily Wire has been doing for online media is no joke though. The publication has not only offered online commentary for users who need a fresh take on the news, but their podcast, videos, and other materials have given an alternative to those who were brought into the world of 24/7 media and were searching for a good alternative, and they’ve done it with some of the best talents in the industry (well, the best talent that wasn’t stark raving liberals, anyhow).

That is in holding with what Carolla’s new comedy show will be. It will, as the Post Millennial describes, “reflects their desire to be a major player in that cultural space.” And in addition to being one of the most-read publications, it’s showing no signs of slowing down as it’s also the fastest-growing conservative media outlet in news, opinion, and entertainment, according to PM.

Carolla said at the announcement, “…we’re going to call it a ‘truth gallery’ because I tend to get fired up on stage by my comedian friends… I go out and do my 10 minutes of stand-up at the start… we’ll do a quick interview of Jay or whoever the guest is … And at some point, we’ll pull balls out of the hopper. Now before the show, everyone writes one word down on a ball, just a single word on a ball, it’ll go into a hopper and a be like lotto. And the guest will pull the ball, read the word, and I’ll do an improvised stand-up set on that one word with an assist (from the guest).”

Corolla brings his own star power to the network, including the bragging rights that The Adam Carolla Show set a world record as “most downloaded podcast” as judged by Guinness World Records in 2011. The road to that honor was a long one, dating back to one of his first big breaks in 1995 with a syndicated radio call-in program that ran for 10 years and a television version of the program from 1996-2000.

He has been involved in a number of other projects, including radio and television, and appeared on Dancing with the Stars and the Celebrity Apprentice. And just so print media wasn’t left out, in 2010 Carolla’s book, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list.