Worn Out Biden Fumbles Yet Again, Can’t Get Through Question at Interview

Joe Biden is the biggest fraud to ever run for president. Nothing he says makes any sense. Most of what he says contradicts itself or others that work with him. His actions reflect the motives of other people and not himself. And now, it seems that he cannot remember what stance he took on the mask issue just a few days earlier. Along with his faulty memory comes his lousy eyesight.

No one can trust what the sad little man is saying. One could suspect that the only reason he flipped flopped on the issue is that wearing a mask is not favorable for most voters. People hate being forced to do something that they do not want to do. But being a flip-flopper is the least of Biden’s problems.

To force a mask mandate would mean that there would have to be criminal charges placed on people that refuse. This would mean that people are no longer free to do as they please with their health. Progressive liberals want total control over people, which is exactly what Joe Biden is trying to do one law at a time.

The media puts Biden up as a man that has it all together. They try and shield him from any embarrassment or stupid statements by not reporting on his flaws. It is getting hard for them to find moments when he does not put his foot in his mouth.

Biden was put under pressure when reporter Rebecca Vedrine asked if his administration would “give them that chance.” Biden looked confused and could only respond, “Move it up here.” He could not hear or see what was being said by Vedrine. Once the prompter was moved, he was able to give the response, “There used to be a basic bargain in this country. Workers shared in the wealth their work helped create.”

His response sounds like he is willing to take people’s wealth and give it to others. But that is not the worst of what he stands for. The fact that Biden had to move the prompter closer begs the question of whether or not these questions are staged? Each reporter is given a question, and they must read it in order, so the old man does not get lost along the way.

His puppet masters program every question and thought along the way. Biden may himself believe that a mask mandate is a good idea, but his masters do not. He must stick to the written text and play the fool that they would have him to be.

The media is not even reporting on these events. They are acting like they do not happen. But the public is seeing through their attempts to shield him from the reality of his dementia and failing health. He is not the man America needs right now.

Every picture shows how worn out he is. He can barely breathe, let alone function well enough to finish a speech. He cannot compete with the president intellectually, and that is why the fake Democrats do not want him to debate President Trump at all.

When Biden delivered a speech in Pittsburgh, PA, there was no one attending in person. It was evident to everyone that he had been coached on sticking to reading the teleprompter. His eyes moved in a reading fashion. There was no way that the media could hide his inability to think through a speech on his own.

Biden has lost so much of his mind that he has even been caught reading the prompt lines such as “end of quote.” There is much speculation if Biden can even stay alive long enough to make it to November. But that would mean that people are voting for Harris and not Biden.

There is so much that does not add up with the Democratic Party right now. They are bumbling their election attempts to the point that voters are sick and tired of their fake news. President Trump has the only logical plan for the country. And he is not afraid to see it through to the very end.