Wow! Michigan County Election Board Members Rescinding Certification Vote After Being Forced to Vote Under Duress

As some readers may already know, two Republicans on the four-member Board of Canvassers for Wayne County have decided that it is time for them to change course. There was no shortage of voting irregularities to be found in this county and these GOP members were supposed to stand firm with the Democrats. They were going to certify the election results initially.

The board has four members, two from each party. Of course, they were deadlocked at 2-2 at first. It seems as if their mind was changed after listening to residents’ concerns during a virtual public meeting and receiving a wide range of online threats. The Republicans decided to vote not to certify the election result and there is one major caveat.

Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is being asked to audit various counties that have been found to have issues. William Hartmann and Monica Palmer, the two Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, were not only threatened online but also in person. In case anyone thinks that they are giving random trolls too much credit, they were threatened by election observers during online conference calls.

Ned Staebler, the far-left Democrat election observer, was chief among them. Another Democrat observer is said to have levied threats against their children. It’s mighty convenient that these Democrats were trying to bully these two into withdrawing their complaints so that they could certify the results by any means necessary. The report from Just The News paints a very harrowing picture of what took place.

“In an extraordinary turnabout that foreshadows possible legal action, the two GOP members of Wayne County’s election board signed affidavits Wednesday night alleging they were bullied and misled into approving election results in Michigan’s largest metropolis and do not believe the votes should be certified until serious irregularities in Detroit votes are resolved.

The statements by Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairwoman Monica Palmer and fellow GOP member William C. Hartmann rescinding their votes from a day earlier threw into question anew whether Michigan’s presidential vote currently favoring Democrat Joe Biden will be certified. They also signaled a possible legal confrontation ahead,” they said.

They also reported on the affidavits that were provided by Hartmann and Palmer. These did not sound like people who were ready to cave into the demands of the Democrats. “I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified,” said Hartmann in his affidavits. “Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of the Wayne County results.”

“I rescind my prior vote to certify Wayne County elections,” said Palmer in her affidavit. This dramatic reversal is hard to ignore, especially for anyone who was hoping for the rule of law to be maintained in this country going forward. Any ballot fraud needs to be taken care of immediately. Otherwise, other Americans who do not wish to follow the laws are going to become emboldened.

Democratic states are more susceptible to these mindsets because there is a certain scofflaw mentality in place already. They are looking for any reason to stick it to the GOP. That’s the dynamic that these parties have had for some time now. The GOP attempts to restore order, while the Democrats are all about themselves.

Their whole M.O. is a simple one. They want all of the power and they want all of the credit when things go right. When things do not go their way? They pout and they blame everyone but themselves. It is great to see these two Republicans fighting back. The Democrats’ bullying did not work and we are happy to see it.

There’s a major legal battle ahead but the GOP is ready for anything that comes their way. Hopefully, these brave patriots have been able to get their families to a safe place before anything could happen. They deserve a great deal of praise for being willing to stand up for what is right.