Wow! Crooked Clinics Sell Vaccine on the Black Market Stealing From the Vulnerable

While there are no prosecutions taking place at the moment, the investigations are currently underway. ParCare is a healthcare company that has several clinics in a variety of neighborhoods throughout New York City. The company is said to have promoted the new Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and invited people to stop by to receive it.

There was just one problem with this plan. ParCare did not have the authorization to do so. They are not on the list of caregivers who have been approved to provide the vaccine nor have they paid any attention to the guidelines that were put into place. The media has referred to the “criminal investigation” that is underway but this may be more complicated than what meets the eye.

The New York Post has taken the time to look into the matter and their findings when it comes to ParCare are interesting, to say the least. ParCare did not seem to be too worried about being found out. They shared the news about their vaccines on their Twitter account. This is not something that is done by a company that is fearing a reprisal.

The Post has more. “A health-care network with clinics in Boro Park, Bensonhurst, and Williamsburg is under a criminal investigation for giving unauthorized COVID-19 vaccines, officials said Saturday. ParCare Community Health Network “may have fraudulently obtained COVID-19 vaccine, transferred it to facilities in other parts of the state in violation of state guidelines and diverted it to members of the public,” state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said in a news release.

The statement came hours after The Post questioned a state health department spokesman about ParCare giving the coveted inoculations,” their report concludes. At the moment, there are some obvious questions that have to be answered. How did this company manage to get their hands on this vaccine and how are they going to decide to distribute it?

Did ParCare decide to simply submit an order to Moderna and obtain the vaccine themselves? Moderna may have seen the order and assumed that they were eligible to provide the vaccinations. They are probably not able to refuse orders as long as they are coming from a licensed healthcare worker.

There are also rules in place about the proper order of vaccination. They were supposed to be provided to people in nursing homes and front line healthcare workers first. When the vaccinations were being promoted on social media, “a healthcare worker, are over 60 or have underlying conditions” are being given first access.

This goes against the rules that have already been established. The state guidelines did not include anything about underlying conditions, so this could prove to be an issue. But has ParCare even broken any laws? There is no New York legislature on the subject at the moment. There’s nothing on the books about vaccine distribution and the only guidelines that are in place have been handed down by the state’s Health Department and the CDC.

The vaccine is also supposed to remain free for all patients. Congress is spending our money to get ahead of the game but of course, they are going to say that it is “free”. That’s another conversation for another time. ParCare, on the other hand, was telling patients that they were going to be billed through their insurers. They do seem to be coloring outside of the lines here but it is unclear what kind of trouble they could be in right now.

If a prosecutor is looking to come after ParCare in this instance, what crime are they even going to charge them with? It’s hard to obtain a guilty verdict when you are not sure what laws are being broken. ParCare has either deliberately misunderstood the instructions from the government or it is an honest mistake. This is what happens when executive powers are deployed conveniently. Chaos ensues and everyone is left to wonder what comes next.