WOW! Texas Governor Greg Abbott Issues Eight Executive Orders

Eight executive orders were issued Thursday by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott in hopes to put an end to mass shootings. He stated, “legislative action” is still required, especially after the August shooting in which 29 people lost their lives.

Many senators and representatives are coming together to find ways to combat the mass shootings, but Texas does not play around when it comes to the laws. Texas is a predominantly conservative state, and the sign upon entering the state means what it says, “Don’t Mess With Texas!”

Governor Abbott put out this statement, “Texas must achieve several objectives to better protect our communities and our residents from mass shootings. One of those objectives is to marshal law enforcement resources to stop violent criminals before they commit mass murders.

But more must be done. I will continue to work expeditiously with the legislature on laws to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals while safeguarding the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans.”

In the Midland-Odessa shooting, the press released the information the suspect’s mother contacted authorities weeks before the shooting took place. She had called both the local and federal authorities.

The new laws will close the “information gap” upon the knowledge of a suspected shooter. With the authorities knowing this information beforehand, there is no excuse, this should have never happened and needed to be fixed immediately.

Naturally, every time a mass shooting takes place, Democrats have to light the fire on gun control laws which will ultimately lead to the abolishment of the Second Amendment, if they have their way.

Governor Abbott has been ignoring the Democrats for the most part, but 63 of the 66 Democrats called for a special session. They wanted to propose “closing the background check loopholes” and “banning the sale of high-capacity magazines.” Abbott stated he will announce “legislative considerations next week.”

With all the conspiracies on the Left and how they work, it is almost impossible not to notice when these shootings take place. Many Americans never hear half of the shootings which take place every day.

The media only has a select few aired, which are Democrat-controlled and the segments are edited to fit the Left’s agenda. Take for example the Midland-Odessa shooting, Republicans loosened the gun laws one day after the shooting, but Democrats knew the loosening of the gun bills were going to pass.

Why not have a national press on shooting and with the locals and feds knowing about the shooting weeks in advance. Something does not sound right with that picture.

The bills which became law on September 1 are now in effect and are as follows:

  • “Allow licensed handgun owners to carry weapons in places of worship, including churches and synagogues.”
  • “Ban landlords and homeowners from prohibiting tenants from owning, carrying, and transporting guns on their property.”
  • “Prevent school districts from prohibiting licensed gun owners, including school employees, from storing guns and ammunition in school parking lots as long as it is not in plain view.”
  • “Allow foster homes to store firearms.”
  • “Prevent citizens from being charged for carrying a handgun without a license while evacuating or returning to a declared disaster zone.”
  • “Allow disaster shelters to take in evacuees who have guns.”
  • “Allow schools to have more armed marshals on campus.”
  • “Defend licensed gun owners who unknowingly enter designated gun-free zones as long as they leave after being told about the policy.”

One of these days, it may come to pass, where the gun control activist will wake up and realize it is not the gun that is the problem. It is the “mentally ill” and the sick people who associate themselves with the Democratic party to allow these shootings to take place. There are so many staged acts and editing from the news media, it is hard to determine what is real and what is not.

The only way to tell is by looking for the signs of Conservatives passing laws in favor of the Second Amendment. Every time this happens, there will be a mass shooting aired in the media, and the drama spreads like wildfire.

There are still speculations of “actors” who pose as victims. Most of these are conspiracy theories but are too obvious to miss.

We must always remember, the main goal of the Left is to disarm America so they can bring their “Socialist” agendas. Voting these idiots out of office is the only way to avoid such a tragedy.