Yet Another Mass Shooting Democrats Don’t Want You to Hear About

The mass shootings that have been taking place this year have been receiving precious little attention from the American mainstream media. They are content to ignore these shootings since they do not allow them to advance any of their silly gun control narratives. A shooting in DC was ignored earlier this summer and now there is another story causing major concern.

This shooting did not take place in DC, though. This story unfolded in the city of Rochester, New York. Rochester does not find its way onto the national radar all that often. Now that they are having their own “Abolish The Police” movement in the wake of Daniel Prude’s death, they are finding themselves in the news more frequently these days.

Tragedy struck at a private party in this city, as 16 people were shot and 2 were killed. There are few details at this time. Gunfire broke out at the party on Pennsylvania Avenue after midnight. Rochester interim Police Chief Mark Simmons addressed the tragedy during a Saturday morning press conference.

“Sixteen victims is unheard of,” says Simmons. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle was able to learn more about the victims. Jaquayla Young and Jarvis Alexander were the two people who died. These youngsters had just graduated from high school in 2019. The party was full of young people and the rest of the victims are said to be in their early twenties.

The party was not ambushed by surprise guests. An argument broke out and attendees were quickly forced to take sides. Weapons were produced by both sides. Shots rang out and this is the sort of party that is clearly too dangerous for young people. Some might be wondering what kind of party would turn into a shootout.

Sadly, this is a reality for those who live in gang-infested neighborhoods. Parties are ruined once disparate groups start to show up. According to one witness, the party was actually much smaller at first. Once two other parties decided to come join the festivities, the attendance swelled to well over 200 people. Trouble ensued soon after the parties had merged.

It probably won’t shock anyone to learn that the people do not have any suspects in custody at the moment. The community is not providing any information, either. They do not seem interested in helping to bring these shooters to justice. In fact, they do not even blame the party’s attendees for what has taken place here.

Free The People Roc is an anti-police organization that has been organizing protests in the area. The statement that they issued aimed to redirect the blame to, you guessed it, the police. “All of us deserve to live violence-free lives, but that’s impossible when people lack stable housing, fully funded schools, and well-paying jobs. It’s impossible when we invest more in police from the suburbs than the youth in our own neighborhoods. This is a wake-up call to radically shift our priorities and invest in the people of this city,” their statement read.

Gang violence is being blamed on the police and the city needs to be investing in the people. No one seems to know what this actually means but it hasn’t stopped them yet. Unfortunately, this is a city with a violence problem. If they do not take any steps to get things under control before it is too late, more stories like this one are going to be taking place.

That’s the last thing that anyone should want but this is where we are as a country. Shootings happen and cities scramble to blame them on everyone else. Rochester needs to start taking some form of responsibility for their own actions. If they are not willing to do so, these stories are going to become even more commonplace. This is not what the upstanding citizens of neglected cities like these deserve. We wish them the very best of luck going forward.