Your 18-Year-Old Daughter Might Get Drafted…SCOTUS Has Been Tasked With Deciding…You Better Read This

Up until June 12, 1948, when Truman signed a bill allowing women to serve in America’s armed forces, the military was considered an elite men’s club. At that time, however, female recruits were forbidden from serving in combat zones so they were traditionally assigned to administrative tasks. You know. In support of the boys who were doing the real work.

In 1979 a big change came about. For the first time, women were required to meet the same qualifications as their male counterparts since they were now allowed to start tossing hand grenades and pulling triggers. They were going to the front lines.

While it seems like this would have dramatically slowed down the surge of women visiting their local recruiters, it’s had the opposite effect. Today the U.S. military is comprised of 14.3% active duty females, and 17.9% reserve and guard units. Women recruits are well aware of their chances of seeing combat, and it hasn’t deterred them a bit.

This has caused a bit of a conundrum for females who don’t find camouflage attractive. While they might support our troops, they don’t care to be one of them. But. Because their fellow females who traded in their purses for ammo bags have performed so incredibly well, they may no longer have a say in the matter.

Women being required to register for the draft is back on the table. The Supreme Court has been requested to take another gander at whether it’s discriminatory to force only guys to sign up when they turn 18. The intense push for women’s equality in the workplace, though justified, has only served to throw high-cost Biden gasoline on the fire.

But it may surprise you to learn that it’s the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project, Ria Tabacco Mar, who re-birthed the issue. She said letting women off the hook creates a “serious burden on men that’s not being imposed on women.”

It’s a felony for men to not register. It knocks the guilty party out of ever qualifying for student loans or applying for civil service jobs, and it could cost them five years in the slammer along with a $250,000 fine. But Mar said there’s more to it than what initially meets the eye.

“It’s also sending a tremendously harmful message that women are less fit than men to serve their country in this particular way and conversely that men are less fit than women to stay home as caregivers in the event of an armed conflict. We think those stereotypes demean both men and women,” she boldly stated.

It’s a head-shaker over why Mar is representing the National Coalition of Men in this case. It’s also a head-shaker concerning why the issue is even being raised considering the last draft call took place on Dec 7, 1972. And with things in turban-land finally deescalating, at least for our troops, it’s all for a show, and Mar obviously knows it.

She knows that the decision of the Supreme Court has not one iota to do with women having to register for a draft that’ll probably never again be used. The court’s only job is to determine if the men-only rule is constitutional. If they agree it isn’t, the torch then gets passed to Congress.

Congress will then be stuck with one of two options. They’ll either have to require women to register, or they’ll have to abolish the draft system in its entirety. Period.

Biden doesn’t want to see this case land in the lap of the Supreme Court. His administration said they’re already looking at the issue anyway so it would be counter-productive. Yeah. It’s a lie. Joe’s plate is already overflowing and he doesn’t need this pile of aged old crap plopped on it.

White House lawyers wrote, “reconsideration of the constitutionality of the male-only registration requirement … would be premature at this time” because Congress is “actively considering” the issue. Did you happen to catch the word “considering?” There you go…

Whichever way the request goes, Mar is going to come out on top, and she knew this going in. Congress has not been considering the issue, and even if it somehow miraculously makes it past the Supreme Court, it’ll go into the “when we get around to it” file. That horse died decades ago. The entire issue is, how shall we say…stupid, and not to be taken seriously.

Forget what CNN and the rest of the liberal mainstream are going to blow this up into being. You just heard the truth right here.